Bill Gates On The Limits of Capitalism

‘The market does not drive the scientists, the communicators, the thinkers, the government to do the right things. And only by paying attention to these things, and having brilliant people who care and draw other people in, can we make as much progress as we need to make.’ – quote from Bill Gates

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Innovation trumps timeliness: the best ever list of belated gift ideas

Pete (@pc0):

Ideas for xmas and more importantly ideas for startups for any aspiring consumer centric tech entrepreneurs looking for inspiration.

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gift-guideThere’s a lot of benefits from living and working in startup land. You get to try all the super convenient new services before anyone back home has ever heard of them.

You know the best place to get a price on home repair stuff (Thumbtack),  the service that will pick up, do, and return your laundry on the same day (Prim), and the companies that make and deliver cheapish, delicious, healthy, fresh meals (Sprig, Chefler, and Munchery).

Basically your whole world is a hell of a lot more efficient because you’re tapped into startup land.

But ’tis the holiday season, and therefore a perfect time for you to share said blessings with all the members of your world who are not plugged into Silicon Valley-ness via a social catheter.

Since arriving in the Bay, I’ve been keeping a running list of “best…

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Leap Motion Unboxing

Yippee The Leap Motion Arrived

Giddy up, so keen to play with this. Some unboxing photos for the geek freaks out there. Motion sensor based computing here we come. Will be interesting to compare with the kinect.

The box itself is tiny and matches the imac and iphone neatly. I wouldn’t be surprised to see them roll the numerous chips inside up into one ASIC (application specific integrated circuit) and the give it away or licence it for embedding in devices so it is even more seamless and make the money from the app ecosystem. Some samples below with the robot hand app that had excellent finger joint and wrist roll recognition.

2013-08-01 15.10.16

2013-08-01 14.23.21 2013-08-01 14.23.39 2013-08-01 14.23.15Leap Motion Unboxing


How To Be Gracious

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So true…

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One of my colleagues at work this week tried to buy me a coffee.

I refused.

“No, no!” I waved away her money. “It’s fine!”
“Let me,” she said, pressing it into my hand. “I’d like to say thank you.”

Is this you?

Her graciousness made me stop and consider how I am about receiving.

I have an idea about the balance of things – I want to be a motivator in the world, a brightener, an energy source. I love to make a big deal out of people’s birthdays and celebrations. Give thoughtful gifts. Remember details. I want things to be lovely for people, especially the people I love, and I go to great lengths to make it so.

 I admit, it gives me the warm fuzzies to give the perfect gift or make a special meal or remember an important date.
But insidiously, underneath that, I think there’s a stubborn independence…

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