Day: November 12, 2007

What Goes On Your Tombstone? Scholar, Patriot, Statesman

Sounds gruesome but it is intended to inspire self examination.
Just how would you be described by your friends and family in your eulogy (the speech at your funeral) or on the stone above your grave.
Of course in many cultures, stones are not used, but the principle is the same.
How would you describe yourself and how would others? More questions follow, the most important however is -Are you living life to the full now? Some people obviously do.
One statue I found recently in Hyde Park had the following engraved in gold.


Perhaps this person deserved such a a grandious description, perhaps not.
Who and what appears on your statue (if any 🙂 is fairly irrelevant, probably what is more important is how you impact the people and world around you, how you treat people, what you achieve, is the world better for you having been in it?

Cheers, Pete.