Day: November 23, 2007

Social Lending Changes Banking & Finance Forever?

What ever you think of them, the new class of social lending platforms are spreading globally and arguably are taking off in their respective markets –

The leader is zopa who have around 140,000 members although they say they are officially still in Beta.

I just wonder why doesn’t move beyond its current business and launch their own, they already have authentication and non-repudiation and payments covered. Surely one or two of their 165million users would try it?

Now that would be taking the bull by the horns.

Cheers, Peter.

Brand Association – Moving Up Market

Brand association is such a great way of moving your own brand in a certain direction such as moving up market in order to charge more.

Association with classical music and symphony orchestras in gorgeous old style symphony halls have been done to death in my opinion.

Bizarrely this approach still works though.

Here is a great example – the latest VB Beer Advertisement.

Sure it is funny but VB (stands for Victoria Bitter after the state in Australia and of course named after queen Victoria) is a working class beer but has a great history of being a true heartland story and while this is clearly tongue in cheek it is executed flawlessly in keeping with their tradition of keeping it real.

Congratulations to the people behind this one, very very well done.

Cheers, Peter.

PS: Pete’s hot tip – watch out for the VB price increase coming soon to a liquor store near you (we call them bottle shops aka bottle-o here in oz).