Month: July 2008

Apple Everywhere

It wasn’t so long ago chairman Bill said he wanted Windows everywhere, he seems to have achieved that with the exception of mobile web browsing (it maybe everywhere but it isn’t being used).

Interesting now that the latest research shows apple macs are in 8 out of 10 businesses and apple iphone is up to 100 times more effective as a mobile web platform.

Let the fun begin, lets just hope they keep delivering ease of use without going down the walled garden route too much.

Lively meets Wii and iPhone – Nintendo meets Google and Apple?

I wrote recently about the great work by Johnny Lee integrating low cost components with the Nintendo Wii remote to develop some cool virtual reality (VR) stuff and some electronic desks and whiteboards which are not new but at this price point they certainly are world changing especially if Apple added some of those device extensions like the infrared camera to the iphone 3g to compete with the wii.

But imagine that functionality and price point combined with the new virtual reality world just launched by Google. See the lively intro video by Google.

Oh yeah baby!

Cheers, Peter.

Wii Wonders

Johnny Lee from Carnegie Mellon University has done an excellent job of making virtual reality possible on a budget with some smart extensions to the wii platform on a budget. Watch the video it is impressive to say the least.

He has also developed a smart board competitor for an electronic whiteboard or electronic desk that is very impressive and could have mass market appeal if commercially developed correctly.

Dear John,

You are a champion, keep up the great work.

Cheers, Peter.

Appropriate Security

In these days of impossible to use systems (because of too much security with two factor and even more now) competing with the issues of zero hour risks (immediate risks that impact your computer’s security before the security vendors can find a way of protecting you) the idea of appropriate security seems appealing.

A great guy I used to work with was interviewed recently by Risk Management magazine on the topic of appropriate security for banking (do you really need to be able to drawn down on your mortgage at the casino ATM?).

The interview was in a banking security context for a leading international bank but I think it raises some potential issues to consider for all businesses as well as in a social context.