True Medal Tally

OK, enough of the boring medal count from the 2008 Beijing Olympics. Lets get serious.

What are the rankings once you take population into account (per capita) and income (Gross Domestic Product or GDP)?

This took a while and doesn’t update automatically yet (but I’ll work on that).

Here are the REAL tallies with meaningful rankings. Who succeeds despite challenges of low income or a small population pool to draw from?

True Medal Tally for the 2008 Beijing Olympics. Draw your own conclusions.

With thanks to the official site and google for the raw stats and document hosting plus of course to cooper for their domain expertise in SaaS spreadsheets and feeds plus a special thankyou to for their easy online accounting support.


  1. Nice work. I threw together some similar data, based on the final medal standings, which shows the Bahamas way out in the lead after normalising for GDP and population.

    Aus is sixth after normalising for population, put falls way behind when GDP is considered.

    You can have a play around with table or nab the xml on my blog.

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