Day: September 1, 2008

Cracking PSN Two Million (or making Linkedin better)

I have been intrigued in recent years to watch the PSN (professional social networking) sites develop, particularly the three degrees of separation or six degrees in Kevin Bacon’s case.

If you don’t know what I mean about KB, best to google it.

Anyway, I have a SHORT contact list, less than 400. Many people these days are in the thousands.

But somehow I recently topped 2m people in my network. I am sure this is not unique but it does create an opportunity for insight.

Who are the best global networkers? Who is central to the best networker’s network? Is there a ring of Decision Making Influencers(DMI) under the networks that drive relationships?

It is similar to some analysis we did years ago on the best real-time analysis tools for government bodies to catch bad guys (insider trading and money laundering for example). A topic for another blog perhaps but the network visualisation tools were sensational.

I’d love to see deliver a bunch of smarter info such as an index league table (globally and in my network only) of the individuals with the BEST ratio of contacts (under 400 in my case) to network size (> 2m for me).

This would provide an index of connectedness (or Connections Index CI) not of the person but of their contacts through degrees of separation.

Even better to analyse this in rings (1st, 2nd, 3rd, 4th degree would be plenty) and the ratio of 1st:2nd:3rd because it would give an indication of how central they were to the middle of all the connections of their network. This MI (Middle Index) or HI (Hub Index) would be able to be tied back to date of relationships (not the date is was recorded).

Finally, how do we know they are unique, are they just piggy backing on a mate who has an almost identical network? That one is harder but I have a bunch of ideas I’d like to patent first before posting them 🙂