Day: September 22, 2008

Cross Platform Cloudware

For a while there has been a flurry of very proprietary application solution development platforms rolled out from salesforce (apex), intuit (quickbase), amazon (a few), google (appengine) and it was only a matter of time before people stopped talking about data portability and though once again about app portability.

It seems dreamfactory have started down that route and their stuff looks really sweet – I bet there are more out there too.

With so many opportunities for app platform providers to get it wrong (over charging, poor service levels, changing APIs, aggressive legal terms just to name a few) this trend is very very welcome.

Next I expect we will once again be talking about language and other standards in the cloud just like we did over the last 20 years with others e.g. C, C+, C++, SQL, Basic (various), Java, Javascript, XML for specific verticals … and so many more.

Everything old is new again.

The Appstore Appstore

With so many application stores popping up from zoho, apple,, valve and more – all with millions of users supposedly – it seemed time to build a definitive list. So here it is the app exchange for appexchanges or appstore for appstores or what ever you want to call it marketplace for marketplaces.

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Malicious Markets (and nasty shorts)

It is nice to be able to say I told you so after the predicting the recent crash on Sept 5th.

Probably nicer now though is taking a step back and seeing others do the same – such as Germany’s Merkel who asked the US and UK to pull short selling a while ago – which they have just done. You could say they where quite short with one another

Lots of others have followed this short selling ban with limited impact though, in Australia it is just naked shorts that are banned (like a 70s beach side holiday), you can still work around it with borrowing.

And of course the Swiss have a decidedly unique way of communicating it too. Banning shorting and reminding people to play nice with no malicious rumours in the same announcement.

Had a bit of a chuckle at that one I must say.