Month: February 2009

Pillars Of The Economy

Don’t you just love Australian banks (see chart), I’ll have to find some income statistics for the executives and compare how much they made while shareholder value was being destroyed at a rate unprecendented since the 1929 depression and probably in the history of the nation. Meanwhile the reserve bank says it will get better soon, I doubt it will improve before 2010.

Sweet! Wifi gets ten times faster with GiFi

Great news, another Australian first will make wireless internet access ten times faster.

Now er just need to work out how to pronounce GiFi. Is it Guy-Fi or Gee-Eye-Fi?


For the first time, NICTA will publicly demonstrate a prototype system using its world-first 60GHz Gigabit wireless (GiFi) chip technology. This will lead to wirelessly connected environments enjoying audio and video transfer rates ten times the current maximum wireless transfer rate, at one-tenth the cost.

NICTA, Australia’s Information and Communications Technology (ICT) Research Centre of Excellence, is pleased to announce the first public demonstration of a prototype system using its world-first 60GHz Gigabit wireless (GiFi) chip technology.

“Today, we will be demonstrating the transmission of wireless video using the 60GHz chipset,” explained NICTA’s Gigabit Wireless Project Leader Professor Stan Skafidas. The demonstration comes after a research effort spanning four years, involving a team of 15 researchers. “Our achievement resulted from understanding emerging technology trends, bringing together a team with the right knowledge and skills and collaborating with key industry players,” Professor Skafidas added.

Nice one Stan!

Poor Product Producers Pay The Price

The onion news network have out done themselves with this video dig at major vendors who release less than ideal products – and at us – the poor consumers who make mistake of lapping up poor user experience (UX). One particular well known brand is the target but I think it is clearly a dig at the wider issue and the industry.

Beware there is a little bad language in the sound track!

Well done ONN.

A shout out to the team at optimal usability – probably one of the best UX teams on the planet for bring this to my attention.

Global Financial Crisis Bargains – What $100b will buy you…

This market is playing with our future like a dog with a ball.

Consider that one year ago RBS paid $100bn for ABN Amro. That seemingly impossible amount would now buy:

Citibank $22.5bn

Morgan Stanley $10.5bn

Goldman Sachs $21bn

Merrill Lynch $12.3bn

Deutsche Bank $13bn

Barclays $12.7bn

And still leave $8bn change……with which you would be able to pick up GM, Ford, Chrysler and the Honda F1 Team.

I am not sure where this original data came from but I just received it from a colleague and it seems pretty accurate… and scary because I think this global financial crisis (or GFC as it is increasingly being called) is just getting started. Depressing sure but better to know and be prepared…

I am suggesting people should consider buying gold.

Software As A Service (SaaS) Ecosystem

With the increasingly rapid movement from business software to Saas happening around the world, I wrote a presentation last year while working at to explore ways we leveraged and built our own ecosystem and the CRITICAL importance of every business to realise they should do the same.

Your competitors are already moving to becoming all saas enterprises (ASE) and there are hundreds of sounds reasons why.

Anyway, the SaaS ecosystem pack I did is on slide share, as it was presented in CEBIT 2008 and has had a lot of views and downloads now so I hope some people got something out of it, despite it being a bit rough due to time pressures.

Link Six Pack Number 1

I link sharing successful finds on the net, but delicious and twitter and other sites often don’t do the trick for a range of different reasons.

So here are some recent finds that hopefully people will find of semi-enduring interest. I’ll probably make this a regular post stream.

Focus will vary but most people in technology development or the innovative side of financial technology plus of course anyone who likes good design and practical ways of delivering it – will probably find them useful.

1. 45 jQuery Out of the box plug ins
2. 37 More Cool Jquery plugins
3. Word Press Tips, Tricks and Hacks
4. 40 Super Sleek Fonts for Clean Web Design
5. 10 Sensationally beautiful Letterpress business card designs
6. The Card Observer Site

These ones didn’t make the cut but what the heck I’ll mention them anyway…

7. 11 Sweet Mootools Tips
8. Old fashioned typing teaching game that works – a life skill!

Noca is the free paypal for merchants

A new payments service has arrived. bills itself as a solution to the relatively expensive but wildly popular paypal

This is fairly ambitious since paypal has somewhere between 220 and 300 million registered accounts depending on who you believe.

That said, this is the exactly right place to focus on if you are to enter this highly competitive market.

I have been watching paypal since 2000 (did due diligence on it for an investment by a bank) and think this one will be interesting…

Tech Crunch did a good review and the comments are very high quality too -including responses from Noca staff.

So how do they do it? They use ACH and interbank clearing networks so the consumer’s issuing bank takes the risk. I assume this means a purchase via Noca hits your account like a cash advance (which means less detail on – if you use that – and similar systems) and no frequent flyer points. Hard to check right now though since you need to have a US account to use it at least for now.

It is like the existing direct debit service on paypal except paypal don’t pass the savings onto the merchant and Noca does from what I can work out.

The merchant benefits more than the consumer, so it will be a supply led solution like a lot of payments solutions. This could be it’s downfall though since consumers won’t want to sign up.

Watch this space… There is also more on it at