Link Six Pack Number 1

I link sharing successful finds on the net, but delicious and twitter and other sites often don’t do the trick for a range of different reasons.

So here are some recent finds that hopefully people will find of semi-enduring interest. I’ll probably make this a regular post stream.

Focus will vary but most people in technology development or the innovative side of financial technology plus of course anyone who likes good design and practical ways of delivering it – will probably find them useful.

1. 45 jQuery Out of the box plug ins
2. 37 More Cool Jquery plugins
3. Word Press Tips, Tricks and Hacks
4. 40 Super Sleek Fonts for Clean Web Design
5. 10 Sensationally beautiful Letterpress business card designs
6. The Card Observer Site

These ones didn’t make the cut but what the heck I’ll mention them anyway…

7. 11 Sweet Mootools Tips
8. Old fashioned typing teaching game that works – a life skill!

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