Day: April 8, 2009

Australian NBN Disaster

The National Broadband Network announcement was made yesterday, no surprise that the dominate carrier Telstra’s share price went up.

We won’t get it rolled out for 8 years, what a joke. Korea is doing a similar rollout in 3 years.

It will deliver 100 Mega Bits Per Second to the average home, office and school. Big deal, the Korean rollout is delivering TEN TIMES that – One Gigabit Per Second.

I doubted Kevin when he was elected but not I know he has pathetic ability to select a team – Stephen Conroy has FAILed.

Even worse is Wayne Swan, allowing the PM to sprout off and commit to a $43 billion dollar investment with little more than 10% of the funding to cover it. They will spend double the surplus the previous accumulated by the previous government in just one announcement.

I just feel sorry for the kids.

Now they won’t get hospitals, roads or decent internet. They will just get multi generational debt without the infrastrcture they need to pay it off.

At least they will have the cables hanging in the air outside their house as a constant reminder of three failed attempts at solving Australia’s tyranny of distance.

More App Stores Than You Can Poke A Stick At

The plethora of new application stores for mobiles to download is inevitable, since Apple showed the way with what will soo be 1,000,000,000 downloads it seems to make sense that others would soon follow… and they have.

So here is a comparison table of the major app stores from –
– Apple for iPhone OS (and iPod)
– RIM for Blackberry OS
– Nokia
– Google and the Open Handset Alliance for Android
– Palm for their new Palm OS

We will add the others as them come to light.