Day: June 9, 2009

Mobile Madness Continues

The adoption of mobile internet continues to steam ahead int he early adopter countries, as a result it is the place to be investing.

The only thing is which platforms will win? Nokia launched their appstore equivalent the ovi store, android (open handset alliance) is starting to ship more handsets and apple has released the 3G-S which has some neat new features but more importantly is white hot on app store activity.

We also have a string of new j2me mobile platforms coming out that will breath new life into the older handsets and lots of other activity that has promise like blackberry apps (still too slow) and sun launching a java app marketplace.

All the while, the record debt accumulated by Telco’s is costing them less than ever thanks to record low interest rates. And short term at least the new unemployed with payouts can afford the time and a small splash out on a new handset. Longer term this will be an issue but with just about everyone (with any sense) reducing handset and plan costs maybe the future is pretty bright.

The real fun mid term will be software based innovation in social apps and interaction with business apps.