Month: August 2009

Service Markets Flourish

A plethora of service markets are springing up all over the world. Like any buyer-meets-seller exchange with a physical delivery dimension, this market is ripe for early movers to get a geographic or vertical footprint that grows into a mid-term defensible position even for 2nd, 3rd and even 4th place runners. Longer term it is hard to differentiate but the internet is still a puppy so who knows precisely how these markets will pan out.

The grand-daddy of listing services US based is a sort of a market but doesn’t offer all the features some of these new players offer. Others do though but are struggling to get features sufficient to overwhelm grand-pa’s huge liquidity. That said, simplicity and liquidity are usually the keys provided reputation management ensures appropriate content limits or other rapid response mechanisms ensure listing quality within appropriate time limits.

The new ones in Australia are dominated by service central who until recently had 6-7 times the traffic of their competitor such led by service seeking and followed by who can do and new startup with promise utool.

Should be interesting because new deals mean service seeking is now half the size of service central and the gap is closing fast.

Financial Control Generates Optimism

One of Saasu’s competitors recently did a pretty neat survey that showed the SMB/SME optimism levels by many different dimensions in this current down turn.

I may well be wrong, and I hope I am, but the very recent market upturn is probably temporary so we need to all think about long term recession or worse depression.

Interestingly, those people that take control of their business finances using online software are more optimistic. This is probably also true for personal finances I suspect. It may just be that they are naturally proactive, forward thinking people but I suspect being informed and up to date helps with control of today and hence preparation for tomorrow.

You can see the full survey results too.