NSW Sphere One

Round three in the increasingly exciting Gov2au world is on tomorrow. I am first non-politician speaking (despite harbouring a few political aspirations myself at times) after Senator Kate Lundy at NSW Sphere tomorrow in Sydney.

The agenda and live coverage is available here during the day. It is a full day with a very extensive and interesting agenda with tight time slots per speaker.

If you can’t make it to the main event at NSW Parliament House in Macquarie Street Sydney or to the screening of USNow prior then join us online. Thanks to sponsors MOB and zumio.

This event NSW Sphere is hot on the heels of the first one called Public Sphere in canberra.

Soon after the first one, there was also the federal government announcement of the establishment of a Gov2au taskforce.

Watch this space for the feedback on tomorow’s event which is expecting 150 attendees plus probably over 1,000 online.

As well, there are plans for another one in Queensland and possible Sydney already.

Roll on the revolution, now we just need to make sure no one is left behind and the good stuff that is created is widely available and easily found.

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