Day: September 5, 2009

Wrap: NSW Sphere Presentation By Peter J Cooper (@pc0)

NSW Sphere yesterday was a big success with around 150 attendees in person and many thousands of tweets plus live streaming with hundreds if not thousands of online participants too watching remotely.

This post tries to summarise all the links from post-event activities as well as the Cooper Sydney contributions. Feel free to add more in comments for our comprehensive wrap up which will be a few days or more away.

Cooper’s presentation yesterday at NSW Sphere (check #nswsphere on twitter and also #gov2au) went pretty well. Feedback was good, strong and frankly went for ages, it is still coming in.

Before the event a practice run was recorded on screenflow (try it – Mac software for putting full screen experience with video and sound and lots of effects. The presentation at NSW Sphere by Peter J Cooper (@pc0 on twitter) from Cooper Sydney titled … Government2.0: What the Government should and should not do is using the same material from his presentation yesterday at Parliament House Macquarie Street Sydney.

While Peter Cooper was on stage, during the panel that included James Dellow (@chieftech) from HeadShift, the Premier of NSW Nathan Rees (@premierofnsw) dropped in to make an announcement encouraging Gov2.0 adoption. Photos from Paul Hempsall (@roguemm) have been posted on flickr and are pretty comprehensive from the NSW Sphere whole day event.

Crikey had a tongue in cheek coverage by Stilgherrian as well that is worth a read too called NSW Gets It’s Geek On that focuses on the announcement about Apps4NSW.

Apps4NSW is a contest the premier is supporting with $100,000 cash to encourage developers to put some time into Gov2.0 apps. The Gov2.0 term is probably old hat but we seem to be stuck with it for now.

You can read the ongoing coverage of pc0’s presentation at #nswsphere on twitter as well as the followup discussions.

The day started with this video on the progress made in Gov2au in recent years which is short and not bad at all.

A big thankyou to Penny Sharpe MLC, Pia Waugh, Cathy Brown and Senator Kate Lundy for leading this wonderful Gov2.0 NSW Sphere initiative. The live coverage form the event was available live from Penny Sharpe’s website.

The photos from flickr by #nswsphere are available too.

The same day, the venerable TechCruch launched a blog article about Gov2.0 as a platform that sparked a bit of debate about Government facilitated social graphs.

Also on the 4th September 2009 was a blog post from James Purser suggesting useful tools. Not much original here but important to reiterate and get critical mass around the ones that work.

Streaming and wifi was sponsored by MOB (many many thanks) and I am sure breakdowns of individual presentations too. We will do a more complete wrap another time once the videos and all photos are available as well as track progress on various items. MOB have also kindly archived the tweets from the day on their site here.

BadKoala blog (@mjohnson, @badkoala) has a partial wrap on the event here.

We will do a more comprehensive wrap up soon. Thanks again all. Feel free to add meaningful links etc as comments…