PS Vita Is Work In Progress

So we were given a new Sony PSVita (is it pronounced like vita-brits or vita-wheats or the v energy drink? uurk!) to try out yesterday.  I am told it is one of the first but the web says is has been on sale for  a while.

It is powerful a measure of how ‘cool’ this new Sony device is that our resident teen experts had NOT asked for a PSVita in the four months it has been supposedly available locally.

Apparently 1.8m have been sold. No doubt the dealer channel is stuffed. I think it will not be a successful device (and even flounder going into Christmas) unless they make some MAJOR strategy changes which we will cover in a moment.

On a positive note the engineering is excellent, it feels like a solid pro device and has a very polished user interface.

On a negative note the device comes without memory so most yes most of the features are useless, this includes both cameras and no games out of the box. Nor was it charged.

Apple would never do that.

Google would never do that.

Microsoft would never do that (any more).

So Sony needs to pick up their act, particularly after their recent online security problems impacting millions of faithful buyers.

Yes we buy a memory card to try it out, yes that transaction will be done begrudgingly and will further damage their brand.

Clearly the engineers continue to do a wonderful job at Sony but their marketing and business guys need a bullet.

Image what this post would be like if we really expressed our true feelings 🙂

Strategy changes recommended for Sony –

  • Bundle a memory card at point of sale
  • Add free games coupon at point of sale
  • Add a welcome DVD for the whole family to sit and watch on the TV so they become part of it.
  • Add a coupon for a second one at half price (show original device as proof) to improve network effect.

Do this or go home sony, the PSVita will die otherwise. Tough love sorry…

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