Month: August 2012


When it comes to the Internet, the need for speed has never been higher, thanks to a growing global reliance on connected platforms, services and devices. That need is aptly reflected in the data collected by Akamai for the latest edition of its State of the Internet Report, which is expected to be released later this week.

You can see an across-the-board jump in average peak connection speeds and average connection speeds. Even countries that have been broadband laggards — such as India — are starting to pick up their pace.

For the first three months of 2012, Akamai observed the following trends:

  • 6.0 percent increase globally from the fourth quarter of 2011 in the number of unique IP addresses connecting to Akamai, growing to over 666 million.
  • The global average connection speed was 2.6 Mbps
  • The global average peak connection speed increased to 13.5 Mbps.
  • South Korea had the…

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So How You Doing? Don’t Ask. Step Up.

I like hanging out with like minded people but it is getting a bit difficult to get past this question lately.

What are you up to?  How is this or that business?  How is that initiative/project/hobby/cause/not for profit/blah?

Maybe it is anti social, maybe it is just an attempt to efficiently get past that initial trivial conversation and move on to real discussions about real things, big ideas and how to get stuff done.

So don’t ask me any more ok?  Read about what I am doing here – it will be kept up to date.  Hopefully.

Next time we see each other we can talk about real stuff !!