Day: October 10, 2012

A Vision For Australian Tech Startup Entrepreneur Ecosystem

To make Australian tech startup entrepreneurs the most hyper-connected and hence most successful community on the planet underpinned by a diverse ecosystem characterised by healthy competition and to achieve this by leveraging our natural assets. These include –

  • 150 languages on the east coast,
  • cultural and timezone proximity to the most populous regions on the planet,
  • force of law built on a legal heritage older than our country
  • reputation for quality and transparency,
  • relative political stability and one of the world’s great democracies
  • progressive education system and high graduate population share,
  • strong traditional connections to the major economic axis (UK/EU, US, Asia)
  • a remarkable legacy of world class success already, much if not most of which is unknown globally
  • ideally placing our home grown world class events, communities and programs like sydstart, fishburners, silicon beach australia,,  startmate, pushstart, ats, pollenizer and others at the core of this new generation of thought leadership infrastructure

Recognise that our past may be riding the sheep’s back or the miner’s back but our future is riding the geek entrepreneur’s back and do all we can to help them succeed globally by

  • removing barriers to investment by super funds and international investors by implementing simple rule changes and mechanisms to allow them to invest small amounts in new entities
  • removing barriers to sharing rewards with co-founders and all stakeholders everywhere by implementing simple tax changes (deferring capital gains tax until the actual cash is received on IPO, trade sale or majority change of control)
  • actively promoting the diversity of entrepreneurs and recognising the many hundreds who have had success in execution and funding internationally

We can’t be the biggest but we can be the best connected.