Month: September 2015

All Levels Of Government Are Failing Tech Startups in Australia

It is time.


It Is Time for a National Summit About this Tech Startup Ecosystem Opportunity.

Our industry is in flames, lets fix it in 2015.

We have had a few positive wins in the tech startup ecosystem in recent weeks and actually pretty consistently in the last 3-5 years but lets get back to basics for a moment.

The latest data says we are failing REALLY fast in global terms and need to work together. The rest of the world is moving much faster and we are being destroyed because of our own inaction.

Tech Startup unicorns are now worth more than Australia’s big banks. The big 5 (Commbank, Westpac, ANZ, NAB, Macquarie) are worth around $425 billion (and took decades or centuries to get there) while the tech unicorns (privately held companies worth $1b or more each are now approaching $500 billion (and most of them did it in the…

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