Funny Aussie US Translation for Americans and Australians

Here in sydney we are uniquely connected to most major cultures in the world as a result of years of overcoming geographic  isolation and also managing our immigration in a fairly haphazard manner.

What could be perceived as a structural disadvantage or government policy failure has actually ended up being fairly good to the extent that we now have an awesomely connected and multi-cultural society.

Arguably the best connected axis is the UK since we drew our first settlers (after the original indigenous Australians of course) followed by strong links with Asia (for example the gold rushes over a century ago) and also North America. This is before we consider the specific cultures of Europe (particularly Mediterranean countries) and the old French Empire and of course specific strong corridors of trade and immigration like South East Asia.

So we are fortunate to have as a result around 150 languages widely spoken here on the East Coast of Australia. At the same time 61% of the people on the internet are in our timezone (and 68% on the West Coast) both of these numbers are arguably the highest of any country/continent in our categories of development, education, economic strength, quality of life and force of law.

It is fun to highlight a little of our simple differences since we have to work with so many different cultures.

Here is a great primer on language differences. It is fairly informative and also pretty funny.

I am going to share this with our international offices at and try and find equivalent videos for the AU-UK, AU-EU, AU-CN and AU-SEA corridors that are also fun and informative. Feel free to add them in the comments if you know any.

It is a great primer for anyone doing international business especially tech startups, students or anyone planning to travel.

Startup Ecosystem Insight Sites

Thought it was worth sharing some really useful resources I have been using lately. All are FREE.

  • Launch Ticker – Jason Calcanis has just launched in beta his concise news service I now read every day, good time saver and often a thought leader.
  • Seed DB – a global database of accelerators, it is incomplete (e.g. missing FI) but still one of the best I have seen
  • Startup Compass – the most complete benchmarking database of startups on the planet
  • Great South By – our new database of events in Asia and Oceania, happy to cross link, also building a db of deals (patnerships, dependencies, investments, acquisitions) and a startup directory with original interviews and reviews.
  • SydStart – new site for the original event & expo of the same name running on Sept 10 this year with 1,200 entrepreneurs focused on sydney scene – site is expanding with original content.
  • Internet Deal Book – new site from Right Click Capital for deals over $500K
  • Angel List – a comprehensive ‘facebook for entrepreneurs and angel investors’ that is disruptiing traditional angel groups and VCs alike.