Startup Ecosystem Insight Sites

Thought it was worth sharing some really useful resources I have been using lately. All are FREE.

  • Launch Ticker – Jason Calcanis has just launched in beta his concise news service I now read every day, good time saver and often a thought leader.
  • Seed DB – a global database of accelerators, it is incomplete (e.g. missing FI) but still one of the best I have seen
  • Startup Compass – the most complete benchmarking database of startups on the planet
  • Great South By – our new database of events in Asia and Oceania, happy to cross link, also building a db of deals (patnerships, dependencies, investments, acquisitions) and a startup directory with original interviews and reviews.
  • SydStart – new site for the original event & expo of the same name running on Sept 10 this year with 1,200 entrepreneurs focused on sydney scene – site is expanding with original content.
  • Internet Deal Book – new site from Right Click Capital for deals over $500K
  • Angel List – a comprehensive ‘facebook for entrepreneurs and angel investors’ that is disruptiing traditional angel groups and VCs alike.