Peter J Cooper (pc0)

About Pete Cooper

This is Peter Cooper’s personal blog AnyDex, it is a tad eclectic but then so am I.

Best way to learn about me is to read this blog them browse my twitter or linkedin profiles and follow me and my initiatives in a few places if you want to stay in touch.

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    • my day jobs
      • UTS Director of Innovation & Growth in the Faculty of Engineering and Information Technology
        • Software is eating the world, how are our universities responding?
        • Can we nurture an ecosystem of 5,000 startups in and around UTS within 5 to 10 years? #utsstart
        • How will big data be part of our lives, addressing volume, velocity, variety, value, veracity.
        • Keeping up with and sometimes even being the innovative cool kids on the tech and tech enabled business block.
      • Cooper & Co  – @cooperdotco
        • financial technology consulting mainly in mergers and acquistions and interim CIO/COO/CEO roles, I like high volume businesses, real-time systems and pre-transaction due diligence and pre-and post transaction tech and ops
        • current product development in Enterprise Portfolio Management (EnPoMa)
        • my hobby startup Coinr or @coinr
    • my hobby building the australia startup ecosystem (please help support tech entrepreneurs in Australia with stuff I have founded or co-founded or been a very early stage advocate for… ) –
      • Australia’s largest professional tech startup conference, expo and community or @sydstart – founder
      • Australia’s largest co-working space for (disruptive innovator) tech startups – co-founder pre-incorporation
      • Australia’s largest tech startup meetup – @aesydotorg – early advocate
      • Australia’s largest concentration of the tech startup ecosystem or @siliconst – founder
      • Australia’s directory of startups and startup events for Australasia and Asia  Great Start – founder
      • Australia’s original and still one of the largest community for startups – early advocate
      • Australia’s only dedicated professional tech startup television channel – The Currency Network – – cofounder
      • Lots more…
  • Support other stuff I’m involved in –
    • Help entrepreneurs in developing countries to help themselves with the coinr team on – early advocate
    • Help yourself be more financially organised
      • personally with GetPocketBook used by tens of thousands of individuals globally and in
      • business with online accounting used by thousands of businesses globally especially in Australia – investor
    • Help smash the paperwork facing tech startups and preventing us becoming a global innovation powerhouse – coming soon.

Tools, Tips & Tricks for Entrepreneurs

  • Read Pete Cooper’s blog AnyDex regularly, subscribe on the side of any post, I don’t post often but it usually has lots of meta.
  • Read Paul Graham’s blog
  • Read Steve Blank’s blog
  • Use angel list for competitor and industry segment analysis
  • Use f6s for industry insight and accelerator/incubator analysis and selection
  • Get Things Done
  • Lean Startup Machine Validation Board – one A4 page to get product market fit
  • Alex Osterwalder’s Business Model Canvas – one A4 page to get visualise your whole business
  • Startup Compass / Genome
  • Follow these on twitter
  • Watch the sydstart videos


  • Rework
  • Innovators Dilema
  • Lean Startup
  • GTD


  • TEDx Sydney
  • SydStart
  • The Currency Network


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